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The GearCaddy Advantage

The Beginning

Sure, we've all heard the "Necessity is the mother of invention" mantra too many times to count. But just because it's an overused cliche doesn't mean it isn't true. The GearCaddy is the result of many experiments aimed solely at solving our family's daily struggle to keep our children's sports equipment organized, dry, and out of the way. 

Lugging two kids's overloaded ice hockey equipment bags in and out of the house after every practice and game was quickly getting old, not to mention creating a terrible case of clutter. Giving up a parking space in the garage was not a desirable option. Hence, the genesis for today's GearCaddy A15 was a rudimentary model that used a pulley to conveniently suspend sports gear high off the ground in a theretofore unutilized portion of the garage. Like today's A15, this early model was convenient, out of the way, and easy for the entire family to use, even for our 7-year old son.

The success of this early "A15" led to the development of models that came to be known as the GearCaddy F15 and the GearCaddy P15. Just as with the A15, these new models were created to provide practical solutions to our family's ever-growing need to keep organized, both at home and on the road.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have received from friends and family is what led us to create


The GearCaddy is truly the most convenient equipment organizer you will ever own. Whether you're using the A15 (aerial), the F15 (fixed position) or the P15 (portable) model of the GearCaddy, you'll continue to be amazed that you survived so long without it! 

Stay tuned, two new models of the GearCaddy, the M15 and the DA15 are currently in development.


No matter where you use your GearCaddy you will dramatically increase your useable storage area. The A15 effectively doubles your storage space by elevating your gear and equipment as high as you like, leaving valuable floor and wall space available for other simultaneous use. The F15 turns any wall into an instant space-saver. And the P15 allows you to decide on-the-fly where you will organize your gear: today the garage, tomorrow the basement, next week the hotel, next month the outdoors!

No More Clutter

Imagine the joy of not tripping over you or your child's gear and equipment? The GearCaddy is easy to use for every member of the family, from child to adult. With the GearCaddy it's never been easier to reduce the clutter normally encountered with storing, airing, and retrieving your gear.

Health Benefit

Tired of the musty, sometimes rank smell of gear that never completely dries? The GearCaddy is the ultimate device for quickly and sanitarily drying all of your gear and equipment. Whether its sweaty sports equipment (think hockey, lacrosse and hunting!) or gear that naturally becomes wet during use (hockey, fishing, rain coats), the GearCaddy helps ensure that your gear is always ready for its next use. No need for electrical connections or cumbersome drying tubes, the GearCaddy is always on, allowing Mother Nature to effectively reduce the buildup of bacteria and keep your gear in top form. Add a third-party fabric spray and your GearCaddy gives you the utmost control over your equipment's appearance, freshness, and longevity.

Extend The Life Of Your Equipment

Regular use of the GearCaddy greatly reduces the number of wash cycles necessary for your gear. This not only saves you time and aggravation, it also extends the effective useful life of your gear.

Built to Last

Each GearCaddy is built by hand and constructed from the finest components, including a stainless steel main support, steel link chain and sturdy, soft-tipped spring clips.

Risk Free 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident that the GearCaddy is the ultimate equipment organizer that we back our conviction with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your GearCaddy, you may return it for a full purchase price refund within 30-days from the date of your invoice.

To process a return simply fill out our online form.